I want my child to learn to play an instrument.

Lovely! But does the child want to learn, or is it really Mum or Dad who wants to learn? Why not make it a family learning experience, then? You need to talk with your child to find out what their interest is. And have a think about what you would like to learn, too. We have all types of tuition available, and the Strings group will take students of String instruments after they've been learning for 18 months.

I want to join a singing group.

Great! We have singing groups that cater for all abilities and levels of skill and knowledge, from beginners through to advanced professional groups. If you've never sung before, then Hilltops would be great. If you enjoy the brilliant work that Happy Wanderers do, working with people in hospitals and nursing homes, and you have the time and energy to attend two performances a week, then this one will be right for you. If you've learnt music to an advanced standard, (AMEB Grade 5 or higher) and have very good sight-reading skills and had previous choral experience (singing in parts) then Singularity will be the right group for you.

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