The Youth Music Awards Concert was held at the DRMC on Sunday 7 May 2017.

The participants were the entrants and prize winners of the DRMC Youth Music Awards and the concert included presentations to the prize winners:

Upwey Community Bank - proud supporter of the Awards

Bill Borthwick Young Musicians Encouragement Prize 2017
          - 1st Prize ($300) to Melody Ilyes (Flute)
          - 2nd Prize ($200) to Indi Blake (Cello)

Chris Durrand Woodwind Award 2017
          - Prize ($150) to Melody Ilyes (Flute)

The Ann and Chris Krans Music Award 2017
          - 1st Prize ($300) to Matthew Wu (Piano)
          - 2nd Prize ($200) to Emily Wu (Piano)

Click on the images from the presentations below for larger image:


Youth Music Awards 2017 - Prize Winners with YRC Mayor Noel Cliff
Youth Music Awards 2017 - Borthwick Prize Winners with Bendigo Bank Director, Deb Weber
Youth Music Awards 2017 - Melody Ilyes –1st Prize Borthwick + Chris Durrand Woodwind Prize  (flute)
Youth Music Awards 2017 - Indi Blake – 2nd Prize Borthwick (cello)
Youth Music Awards 2017 - Emily Wu – 2nd Prize winner – Krans (piano)
Youth Music Awards 2017 - Matthew Wu –1st Prize winner – Krans (piano)


Upwey High School Music Prizes 2016

DRMC presented seven $100 prizes to Upwey High School music students on Monday 21 November 2016 at Burrinja. These prizes are in recognition of excellence and commitment to: learning a musical instrument and ensemble performance.  This prize is awarded on the recommendations of UHS Music Staff.

  • Brandon Taylor – Tuba
  • Aidan Thorne – Piano/Percussion
  • Emma Smith – Trumpet
  • Emma McCulloch – Flute
  • Harriet Hughes – Flute
  • Ella Barrington – Vocal
  • Hanna Dalton - Guitar

Youth Music Awards 2016 Presentation


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