Congratulations to the following Youth Music Awards recipients:

Upwey Community Bank - proud supporter of the Awards

Bill Borthwick Young Musicians Encouragement Prize 2016
          - 1st Prize ($300) to Kaelem Dwight (Violin/Recorder)
          - Honourable mention ($50) to Melody Ilyes (Flute)
          - Honourable mention ($50) to Ivy Ilyes (Flute)

Chris Durrand Woodwind Award 2017 (1st time awarded)
          - Prize ($150) to Brianna Moore (Flute)

The Ann and Chris Krans Music Award 2017
          - 1st Prize ($300) to Timothy Huddleston (Tuba)
          - 2nd Prize ($200) to Betty Zhang (Piano)

Mark McAlister Brass Encouragement Award (1st time awarded)
          - Prize: $150 to Timothy Huddleston (Tuba)


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