Children’s Week 2015 theme: Children’s Rights.

Workshops were held at Monbulk Primary School on Wednesday 28th October and Kallista Primary School on Friday 30 October 2015 for Grade Prep and Grade 6 led by Carolyn McAlister.

Preparation included:

- Initial listen to song

- Explore UNICEF site

- Research worksheets and teaching sites re children’s rights.

- Develop Powerpoint including picture for initial front page taking a global view of children.

- Find a way to get kids to think about the complementary word for Rights – Responsibility.

- Research human rights and develop appropriate language for use with Prep to Grade 6.

- Find link between human rights and children’s rights - locally and globally.

Find yes/no/maybe type choice symbols to use with questioning re “What is a human right?” questions included words from the list below.  Have students indicate with choice symbols those things from the list below that were human rights:

- Be well fed
- Have a home
- A place to learn
- A place to rest your head
- Have a say
- Raise a view
- Have a place to stay
- Express your view.
- Know the truth
- 2 hours of computer time
- A birthday party.

Echo chant the above human rights on soh and mi.

Search for appropriate world map showing children’s rights around the world. I found a map with statistics from this year. Children from Year 3 upwards were very interested in this map. It showed five levels of children’s safety and rights being recognised. Australia was one of the top countries.  

Children were interested in Russia, Madagascar, India, North America, Canada, Alaska and we discussed each of these briefly.

Children learned the song - ‘We’ve All Got Rights’.

Workshops Timetable – MPS

09.15 – 10.00    Pre School/Grade Prep and Grade1
10.15 – 11.00    Grade 2 and 3
11.30 – 12.15    Grade 4 and 5
12.30 – 01.15    Grade 5 and 6

De-brief with Principal and staff – Prep students and staff commented that the content was a little beyond students, although they enjoyed the song and singing with actions.

Carolyn McAlister Nov 2015

Monbulk Primary School participants in Children
Monbulk Primary School participants in Children

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