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New Horizons Concert Band

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The New Horizons Band (est. 2008) performed in Wandin for the 2022 Australian Red Cross (Yarra Valley Branch) Fund Raiser.

Rehearsals are Thursday mornings 10am-12.30 including a tea break in Tecoma, Melbourne. If you play woodwind, brass, percussion/drummer please join us to play light classical and popular music with Conductor Brian Hogg. We perform 4 times a year usually on a Thursday including an annual Christmas Concert on a weekend.

Please contact Angela 0406 718 938

Ted 0418 311 782

Angela Edw
Angela Edw
February 9, 2023 · changed the group description.

If you enjoy music and want the chance to play with others, the New Horizons Concert Band could be just for you. The band consists of woodwind, brass & percussion.

The New Horizons Band is a non auditioning band comprising some 30 musicians of all ages from all walks of life. The band plays a wide variety of music, popular works to light classical and performs mainly for the local community and civic events.

We are a social bunch and welcome all new members. Don't worry if you haven't played in a concert band before, come along and give it a go.

Join us for rehearsal and performances throughout the year. Certainly, come and listen and/or bring your instrument.

When: Thursday mornings 10am-12.30pm

Where: Tecoma Uniting Church Hall, 1566 Burwood Highway, Tecoma

Conductor: Brian Hogg

Please contact Angela on 9874 4036 or

Our Conductor

Our conductor is Brian Hogg. Brian has some thirty-plus years’ experience teaching music, running music camps, conducting choirs, bands and ensembles and adjudicating band recitals. He is a composer in his own right, being known for his contemporary concert band compositions. He is passionate about music and teaches brass and percussion.

Our Music

The music we play covers classical pieces to pieces for children. It includes music from movie and television themes, music with an Australian flavour, music from other countries, music with an American flavour, some popular pieces and Christmas carols and songs.


The New Horizon Concert Band does six to eight performances a year including retirement villages, Probus Clubs, workshops with secondary school students, introductions to instruments in the band with primary school students, band workshops, official openings, special events, festivals and carols at Christmas time.

If you are interested in playing in a concert band then you might like to come along and see how you would fit in to the New Horizons Concert Band.

New Horizons Bands were started by Dr Roy Ernst PhD an American, whose philosophy was that anyone can learn to play a musical instrument and to bring adults together to play in a band where “your best was good enough”.


    If you enjoy music and want the chance to play with others, ...
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