Safe 'n' Sound is a collection of songs exploring community safety.

The project was funded by the Victorian Government's Community Crime Prevention Program.

The idea behind this project was to raise awareness and find a way to communicate an effective message about personal safety to peers in each of 4 groups. Each group headed in their own direction.

The project addressed issues of:

  • train and party safety
  • cyber safety
  • neighbourhood safety
  • safety during the bushfire season.

Safe n Sound Flyer thumbnailThe songs produced by the project were published as a CD and are reproduced here:

Safety Song (Upwey High School)


Safer Ground (Monbulk Primary School)


Faceless Words (Freeza)


Precious Place, Fragile Line


Album Credits

Produced, recorded and mixed by David Carr at Rangemaster, The Patch, Victoria

Executive Producers - Sue Clisby & Caroline Oates

Principle Songwriter - Carolyn Oates

David Carr - Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, VocalsCarolyn Oates - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Charlotte Lees - Vocals
Tracey Roberts - Vocals
Lore Burns - Cello
Alex Jiminez - Drums
Brad Dixon - Bass Guitar
Elisabeth Middleton - Piano
Karen Noonan - Choir Director, Monbulk Primary School
Monbulk Primary School Choir - group vocal
Upwey High School VET Music Class - group vocal



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