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Composer in Residence

Shaula Salathe

Stay Tuned

Image by Dayne Topkin

Shaula is an Australian-based composer working in film and TV with a long history of stage and concert composing. She is a conductor and has worked professionally as an opera, jazz, & pop singer, pianist, harpist, cellist, lyricist, translator and additionally plays some violin, viola, double bass, flute, drums and percussion. Her earliest compositions were around the age of 6 and she began notating them age 14. She was Australia's youngest pianist to achieve A.Mus.A (Associate of Music, Australia).

Her works are to be found in the genres of:
Music Theatre (7 works, including School Rox which has played Australia and New Zealand in 14 runs), 
Film (short films, documentaries)
Animation (Seng is doing the Festival rounds)
Songs (on 3 albums) - some 300 songs written.
Choral (originals & arrangements)
Orchestra/piano/voice - The Neuschwanstein Suite
Orchestra/voice - arrangements

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