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DRHJO - Dandenong Ranges Hot Jazz Orchestra

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Welcome to the DRHJO! You can connect with other members, get updates and share videos.

If you would like to join the Hot Jazz Orchestra, you will first need to be a financial member of the DRMC (click the 'Join' button above). You can then contact the director of the group by emailing:

Please note: rehearsal fees are payable for all ensembles.

The DRHJO is a twelve piece jazz orchestra playing authentic music from the 1920s in the style that swept the world in the ‘Jazz Age’ of one hundred years ago. Our music is happy, lively and optimistic, inspired by the many, many fine jazz orchestras of the 20s including Paul Whiteman and Jean Goldkette in the USA, Jack Hylton and Ambrose in the UK and the Green Mill and Capitol Theatre Orchestras in Melbourne. The music is relatively brisk, syncopated and joyous, based on the beautifully scored original arrangements, with plenty of space for improvisation by those who have this gift. Our line-up is typical of the era, with three saxophones (each doubling on clarinet), two violins, two trumpets and a trombone, plus piano, banjo, bass and drums. Several of our members also sing vocals.

If you’d like to try playing authentic 1920s jazz, why not give it a try! In particular, we currently have vacancies for Second Violin and Trombone, but we would be delighted to hear from you if you play any other of the instruments listed above.


    Welcome to the DRHJO! You can connect with other members, ge...
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